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The Stud Book Authority of Kuwait (SBAK) is the nodal agency for all matters concerning registration of breeding establishments, thoroughbred stallions, thoroughbred mares and newly born thoroughbred foals in Kuwait. It is responsible to maintain on its record, Identification details of thoroughbred horses in Kuwait. The SBAI has also been entrusted with the responsibility of approving names for racing horses.

Last update
1 الملكه Show
2 جلاده Show
3 بساله Show
4 وحش Show
5 حشمه Show
6 حربه Show
7 اتيه Show
8 العوجه Show
9 مناسك Show
10 كريمه Show
11 الخيزرانه Show
12 حلب Show
13 زوينه Show
14 ثايره Show


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